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Whining writers annoy me more than “wimpy” children

I was just linked to “A nation of wimps” over at Psychology Today and I was extremely underwhelmed. (Shocking, I know.) This wasn’t anywhere near the worst thing I’ve read on their website, but…that’s not exactly a high standard. The … Continue reading

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Social phobia: Because if you hide at home, nobody can laugh at you

One common error when it comes to social phobia is assuming it’s the same as shyness. (See: This survey from NIMH.) When I tell people I have social phobia, they often look amused, like I’ve told a joke. I can … Continue reading

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Motherhood has been placed on a pedestal

It’s disturbing to many people to read research showing that mothers tend to be unhappier than non-mothers. Why? Because we’ve put the concept of being a mother up on a pedestal as a shining example of humanity. Not the mothers … Continue reading

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