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Medical jargon soup: An anti-vaccine tactic

This morning I was pointed in the direction of a post on the Washington Times’ community pages titled “Vaccination is not immunity.” I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn’t realize just how bad until I started … Continue reading

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Some thinky and not-so-thinky thoughts about our health care system

I’m having surgery on my shoulder this coming Monday. Lucky me, I’ve got a bone spur at the rotator cuff, plus calcific tendinitis. Whee. The process of preparing for this surgery has brought up a lot of thoughts. For example, … Continue reading

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The worst anti-vaccine argument *ever* (and that’s saying a lot)

By this point, I’ve spent years reading about vaccines and vaccine opposition, so I’ve seen a great many of the arguments against childhood and adult vaccination. There are a few legitimate concerns, a great many ridiculous and irrational concerns, and … Continue reading

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Burzynski Clinic…meet the Streisand Effect

Today I’d like to introduce you to a quack, a charlatan, and an all-around no goodnik taking immense quantities of money from desperate families: Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. This guy lures people with devastating cancer diagnoses to his Texas clinic, gives … Continue reading

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Not just pox parties, but pox through the post

Just when I think the anti-vaccine crowd has plumbed the depths of idiocy, I learn about something that’s so awful that I can only boggle at their abilities. We’re all familiar, I’m sure, with the idea of “pox parties”, where … Continue reading

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Stomach flu isn’t fun and isn’t flu

I’ve been a bit scarce around these parts, what with getting behind on work, seeing my cousin get married, and getting the stomach flu. Guess which was the most fun? Actually, my whole family got the stomach flu in various … Continue reading

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HepB vaccine: Why so early?

If you’ve read pretty much anything I’ve written, you’ll know that I’m—shall we say—a tad pro-vaccine. I read about vaccines, I talk about vaccines, and I write about vaccines. But even I’ve had tremendous difficulty finding an explanation for why … Continue reading

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