Vaccine refusers make me scream

Wow. I just watched about half of a video on youtube that was pretty much the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d love to do a thorough fisking, but I’m too busy dealing with the FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE.

To give you an idea, the video is titled “Vaccines: Medical Rape or Personal Choice.”

Yeah. ::facepalm:: Y’all can pretty much see this trainwreck coming a mile away, can’t you?

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One parent, two parents, dead parents, oblivious parents: Parents in Power Rangers and Super Sentai

Becoming a parent makes you look at lots of things in a slightly different way. It turns out that for me one of the things I look at differently is parental figures (or lack thereof) in children’s programming.

After watching 10 or so full seasons of Power Rangers (and parts of all the rest) plus 11 seasons of its Japanese predecessor (and footage source) Super Sentai, I found myself thinking about the various parents we meet along the way.

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Thoughts on impostor syndrome

I know I’m hardly the only person in my circle of acquaintances who suffers from an occasional frequent constant bouts of imposter syndrome, so I’ve had it on the brain lately.

Just so we all know what we’re talking about, here’s the Wikipedia definition: Continue reading

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Going green–the quick and easy way

I’ve been slowly going greener at home over the last year or so and I’ve found that some things are easier to do than others. I hereby present some of my favorite tips and tricks, things that will make you feel better, save you money, and generally make the world a tiny bit greener. Continue reading

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I’ve been assimilated by the Hivemind

Alas, my free time for writing anything is fairly limited, so my posts have mainly been going to the Feminist Hivemind these days. Just in case there’s anyone who’s actually reading over here (hey, it could happen!), here are links to my posts over there, for your reading pleasure:

What if my daughter’s favorite color is blue?

How to be a Jewish (atheist) mother

The First Amendment: What it is and what it isn’t

My next post there will be a kind of sequel to my post The “black women are ugly” blogger is a giant poopyhead. It’ll go up at the end of August and hey, maybe I’ll find the time to post here too. Stranger things have happened, I suppose…

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Whining writers annoy me more than “wimpy” children

I was just linked to “A nation of wimps” over at Psychology Today and I was extremely underwhelmed. (Shocking, I know.) This wasn’t anywhere near the worst thing I’ve read on their website, but…that’s not exactly a high standard.

The author takes a real phenomenon of parental overprotectiveness that I think is worthy of some discussion and confuses it with real parental concerns and safety improvements that I applaud.

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The Feminist Hivemind is here!

[cue scary music] The feminists are coming! We’re coming to take your children and…I dunno, exactly. Probably hug them, love them, and give them gender neutral toys 😉

Seriously, I’m happy to announce my participation in a new blog collective that launches today: The Feminist Hivemind. We’re a diverse group of women coming together to create a safe space for secular feminists to discuss issues of importance to us, including gender theory, atheism, class, race, sexism, parenting, dealing with religious people, and so many more things that I can’t even remember right now.

I’m super excited to get to blog with such an awesome group of women and I hope you’ll check back at frequently, as we’ll have at least one new post daily. We’re even going to have Token Male Wednesdays, where our Token Men get to have their say and ask the vital question “What about Teh Menz?” 😉

(Note: By “women” we mean anyone who chooses to identify as a woman or as non-binary and our Token Men are anyone who chooses to identify as a man or non-binary. We really don’t care what’s in your pants, folks.)

My first post for the Hivemind will go up on 6/10 and it will be a revised and updated version of my First Amendment post from earlier this year. Then next month I’ll be writing about “How to be a Jewish (atheist) mother.” I’ll also be doing some linking to especially awesome posts that I think you shouldn’t miss.

Hope to see you soon at the Hivemind.

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