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There’s a lot of information about science and medicine on the Internet. The only problem is…a lot of it is wrong. Some of it is horribly terrifyingly wrong! But after a great many years combing the web for the best, here are some sources I believe you can trust to give you good advice and information.

This list will be evolving as I go through all my saved links and references πŸ™‚


Guide to Healthy Web Surfing: H/t to Jenne for this great link, giving tips on how to evaluate medical information on the Internet.

The Mayo Clinic: You’ve heard of them, right? They know their stuff, and they know how to present it in a useful fashion, too.

Medline Plus: Information on diseases and drugs from the National Library of Medicine.

Science-based Medicine: This awesome blog features great writers who talk about some of my favorite topics!

Respectful Innocence: Oh mighty Orac, how I love thy insolence against those anti-science wackos who afflict us.

White Coat Underground: PalMD’s mix of research blogging with the daily life of a doctor is irresistible.


Pharyngula: PZ is one of my heroes. Atheism, biology, and sarcasm. Ah, that’s a combination that can’t be beat!

Scientific American: A little of this and a lot of that and some of everything.

NCBI ROFL: For the, um, lighter side of current research πŸ˜‰

Social Science

(Hey, I have a master’s degree in anthropology, okay?)

American Anthropological Association: The main membership association for anthropologists, including archaeologists and linguists. I used to work there. I don’t want to talk about it.

American Psychological Association: For consumer-friendly information, I recommend the Help Center and Topics pages. I used to work at the APA too (and I’m still a contractor). I’m much more willing to talk about that πŸ˜‰


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