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Thoughts about the butchering art

I’ve been reading two excellent medical history volumes lately. The one I’m mostly not here to talk about was the unexpectedly charming Catching Breath: The Making and Unmaking of Tuberculosis by Kathryn Lougheed. I highly recommend this book, the first … Continue reading

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Unintelligent design of the human body

I’ve long thought that the defeat of intelligent design theory lay not in complicated scientific proofs, but simply in forcing people to actually look at the design that their creator supposedly gave us. A quick look at the human body … Continue reading

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Motherhood has been placed on a pedestal

It’s disturbing to many people to read research showing that mothers tend to be unhappier than non-mothers. Why? Because we’ve put the concept of being a mother up on a pedestal as a shining example of humanity. Not the mothers … Continue reading

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Rallying for reason and science and skepticism (and fun!)

If you’re looking for a wrap-up post on the Reason Rally in Washington this past weekend, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for an example of someone who was touched and thrilled and exhilarated, then I’m your gal.

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Technobabble belongs on Star Trek, not in advertising

I’ve long had a massive dislike for the use of scientific and pseudoscientific terminology in advertising. It seems like 95% of the time either words are misused or they’re made up, like when Star Trek characters argue about linear neutrino … Continue reading

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The *real* problems in the pharmaceutical industry

Now that I’ve been accused of being a shill for Big Pharma (hee! I’ve made it as a blogger!), it’s probably time for me to do the post I’ve been intending for a while. I want to describe some of … Continue reading

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Donating your body (or your child’s) to science

Most of us get through the day because we believe that nothing horrible is going to happen to us or our loved ones. But despite that, we need to make out wills (::coughaviweneedtotalkcough::) and we need to be signed up … Continue reading

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