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Thoughts on impostor syndrome

I know I’m hardly the only person in my circle of acquaintances who suffers from an occasional frequent constant bouts of imposter syndrome, so I’ve had it on the brain lately. Just so we all know what we’re talking about, … Continue reading

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Whining writers annoy me more than “wimpy” children

I was just linked to “A nation of wimps” over at Psychology Today and I was extremely underwhelmed. (Shocking, I know.) This wasn’t anywhere near the worst thing I’ve read on their website, but…that’s not exactly a high standard. The … Continue reading

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Why “you need a better attitude” pisses me off

I’m sure everyone with a mental illness, whether mild or severe, has dealt with some variation of the “You just need to cheer up!” admonition. Whether it’s “You just need to stop worrying” to someone with an anxiety disorder or … Continue reading

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Social phobia: Because if you hide at home, nobody can laugh at you

One common error when it comes to social phobia is assuming it’s the same as shyness. (See: This survey from NIMH.) When I tell people I have social phobia, they often look amused, like I’ve told a joke. I can … Continue reading

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Motherhood has been placed on a pedestal

It’s disturbing to many people to read research showing that mothers tend to be unhappier than non-mothers. Why? Because we’ve put the concept of being a mother up on a pedestal as a shining example of humanity. Not the mothers … Continue reading

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Hire a veteran today

I heard something appalling this morning while taking my son to school, and I need to rant a bit. It was in an NPR report about hiring fairs for military veterans. (No, those aren’t appalling, they’re great.) One veteran reported … Continue reading

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Would you care for some panic and social anxiety with a soupcon of depression?

It’s funny…I thought I had already written a post talking about my mental illness but it turns out I hadn’t. I’ve touched on my issues a bit (talking about being an ambivert, for example), but I’ve never really done a … Continue reading

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