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Unintelligent design of the human body

I’ve long thought that the defeat of intelligent design theory lay not in complicated scientific proofs, but simply in forcing people to actually look at the design that their creator supposedly gave us. A quick look at the human body … Continue reading

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Contraception, abortion and reproductive rights, oh my!

I’m not sure why, but the concept of women controlling their own bodies seems to utterly terrify a lot of people, even in a good year. And in a bad year, we get a war on women’s rights that makes … Continue reading

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Go the (you know what) to sleep. No, I mean the annoying adults, not the kids.

Considering my constant stress over getting my kids to bed, there’s no way I could resist talking about the forthcoming book “Go the F**k to Sleep”, right? The hubby and I can’t wait to buy a copy, because “Go the … Continue reading

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Midwives are awesome…unlicensed midwives, not so much

After reading this WaPo story about a local midwife charged in the death of an infant, I debated whether I wanted to comment on this at all. I have a bad feeling that no matter what I say or how … Continue reading

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“You just need to relax” or Why I was almost arrested for battery

Infertility sucks. I just felt the need to get that out there, since this is National Infertility Awareness Week. In honor of this week, I’m joining the national infertility organization RESOLVE in its goal to bust myths about infertility. So … Continue reading

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Repetition doesn’t make things easier

In my continuing mission to annoy certain people, I’d like to discuss the idea that bad things get easier with repetition. Well, really, the idea that once you’ve been through something hard, the next time it shouldn’t be so bad, … Continue reading

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