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Pain and the lack of treatment thereof

I’ve had an epic rant on this topic brewing for years, but the CDC’s latest recommendations on the prescribing of opioid painkillers has finally given me the reason I needed to write the darn thing down. See, here’s the thing: … Continue reading

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The *real* problems in the pharmaceutical industry

Now that I’ve been accused of being a shill for Big Pharma (hee! I’ve made it as a blogger!), it’s probably time for me to do the post I’ve been intending for a while. I want to describe some of … Continue reading

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Trust me, hCG is for pregnancy, not weight loss

Just when I think I’ve heard of the worst possible diet for people, somebody comes up with (or resurrects) a worse one. And I do believe that a diet of 500 calories and injections of hCG may be the worst … Continue reading

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Trying to not treat fevers

It’s hard to not treat your kid when they’re feeling sick. But, as Sanjay Gupta wrote on, parents shouldn’t fear all fevers. As the National Library of Medicine points out, fever “is an important part of the body’s defense … Continue reading

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Zinc for the common cold? Possibly!

Thanks to a Washington Post snafu, I just wasted about 15 minutes excoriating reporter Rob Stein for writing an inaccurate column. In fact, his column about a new meta-analysis of the use of zinc for the common cold was correct, … Continue reading

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Laughing gas for childbirth?

The Associated Press reports that laughing gas is coming back as an option for childbirth pain relief. If, as this article says, nitrous doesn’t affect the baby, then it sounds like an good idea. If it doesn’t slow down labor, … Continue reading

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