Marc Randazza–lawyer, blogger, free speech advocate

Marc Randazza is just zis guy, you know? No, wait, that’s Zaphod Beeblebrox. In fact, Marc Randazza is a lawyer and blogger whose blog, The Legal Satyricon, I check frequently.

Now here’s the thing…I don’t always agree with him or the other bloggers who post there. In fact, there have been a few posts that made me screamingly mad ::coughcallingSandraFlukealiar::.

But I keep coming back to his blog, because he’s a really smart guy and he fights the good fight when it comes to the First Amendment. Seriously, go read his blog and get an education on how the First Amendment applies in modern society.

He’s also funny, which I always appreciate 😉

I’m not running for president.

That said, if I was, I would advocate grabbing every single person who ever cast a vote for Rick Santorum, for any reason, at any level, and immediately removing their reproductive capacity from them on the spot.

Because if you vote for, or have ever voted for, this moron, you really are too fucking stupid to pass on your genes, and natural selection just ain’t doing its part these days. (From Rick Santorum…wow.)

He’s also a master of the art of the truly wonderfully evil response letter. Check out this post for his response to a lawsuit brought by a TSA agent.

If you’d like to read a great summary of the good things about Marc Randazza, you can head over to Popehat and read Ken’s list.


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