Save the lives of pregnant women? Don’t be ridiculous!

Just for a change of pace, politicians are being obnoxious and curtailing women’s health care. ::eyeroll:: In the masses of anti-abortion, anti-contraception, and generally anti-women legislation that has passed Congress and state legislatures this year, somehow I missed the Protect Life Act.

Pardon me, I need to go throw up after writing that title.

According to the CNN article:

Currently, hospitals that receive federal funds but don’t have facilities to treat women who may need emergency abortion services are directed to transfer those patients to a health care facility that can treat them. The Pitts bill removes that requirement.

Really? Has it come to this in our society? People are actually willing to stand up in Congress and admit they’d rather see a woman bleed out on the floor than get a medically necessary abortion?

How is this even something people are willing to admit in public? Shouldn’t they be hiding their faces and mumbling with embarrassment? “Protect Life”? Pardon me, doesn’t life include women who are unfortunate enough to develop pre-eclampsia or another life-threatening illness too early in pregnancy for a c-section?

I’m disgusted and depressed and disheartened.


About mamamara

I'm a 40-something, work-at-home mother of two. I'm pro-vaccine, pro-medicine, pro-science, and an avid reader of information about all of the above, and I want to combine my love for my children with my love for science. So here we are!
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2 Responses to Save the lives of pregnant women? Don’t be ridiculous!

  1. crubin says:

    I love reading your posts, Mama Mara. In an online world of science and medical conspiracies, it is refreshing to see more fact-oriented pieces.

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