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The personal not-pology (a followup post)

In my last post, I mainly discussed the public not-pology, but after posting that, I decided I really should elaborate on the personal not-pology, the kind of not-pology that occurs in relationships like marriage or friendship. To set the scene, … Continue reading

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Say goodbye to the not-pology

Along with doing less lying, I think an admirable goal for everyone is to erase the not-pology from the face of the Earth. What, you might reasonably ask, is a not-pology? Well, it has some variations, but it generally comes … Continue reading

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I admit it all the time

One of my favorite things about this blogging on WordPress thing is the ability to see what people have typed into search engines that brought them here. Now, I don’t get too many referrals that way, because, well, I’m me. … Continue reading

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