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Is lying ever justified? Review of “Lying” by Sam Harris

The other day I read an interesting essay by Sam Harris (available as a Kindle single): Lying. He argues that there are pretty much no circumstances under which lying is the best option, and to a great extent he makes … Continue reading

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Expensive babysitting with snack

Tomorrow is the sort-of official start of my little guy’s school career. Tomorrow, we meet the preschool teachers and check out his classroom, while Thursday is the first day. I remember Yael’s first day, when all the other mothers were … Continue reading

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Maybe someday science will let me slap Ann Coulter

Is someone slipping Ann Coulter stupid pills? Because she seems to be getting worse. Her latest idiocy is about evolution, a subject about which she knows next to nothing and what little she does know is utterly wrong. Yes, as … Continue reading

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Teach your children well (part 2)

This is the point at which the rubber meets the road. Now that I have some defined goals of what I hope kids learn, what can adults do to model these behaviors for any children in their life? Because this … Continue reading

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Teach your children well (part 1)

I’ve been thinking lately about what I want to teach my children about how to live a good life. I’ve got a lot of amorphous ideas, but being the linear kind of gal I am, I like to get things … Continue reading

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