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Sometimes things do get better

If you’re feeling a bit glum about the state of the world today, I recommend reading an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Ten great public health achievements—United States, 2001-2010 (the full text is available for free). … Continue reading

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HepB vaccine: Why so early?

If you’ve read pretty much anything I’ve written, you’ll know that I’m—shall we say—a tad pro-vaccine. I read about vaccines, I talk about vaccines, and I write about vaccines. But even I’ve had tremendous difficulty finding an explanation for why … Continue reading

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My immune system read Shakespeare at 2 weeks

Awesome! Rene (who works in public health in my beloved home state of Maryland) has a great post on why immune systems can’t be “immature”: Does your immune system tell fart jokes and pull pranks? The argument that vaccines are … Continue reading

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