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Desire is complicated. Too bad these researchers are simple.

There are, apparently, some good bloggers at Psychology Today. But there’s also a heck of a lot of low-hanging fruit for me to pick on, so I can’t resist picking on the bloggers at A Billion Wicked Thoughts. (Fandom folk … Continue reading

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Why I will continue to vaccinate my kids

I need to get this off my chest, so bear with my little analogy. Imagine for a minute that you are walking beside a busy highway with your kids. Got it? There you are walking along, cars and trucks are … Continue reading

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Go the (you know what) to sleep. No, I mean the annoying adults, not the kids.

Considering my constant stress over getting my kids to bed, there’s no way I could resist talking about the forthcoming book “Go the F**k to Sleep”, right? The hubby and I can’t wait to buy a copy, because “Go the … Continue reading

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The fallacy of rare occurrences

There’s probably an existing logical fallacy that covers this, but I want to discuss what I think of as the fallacy of rare occurrences. This is what happens when people assume that because something has become rare, it can’t have … Continue reading

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Black women are still beautiful and Kanazawa is still a poopyhead

Thanks to PZ Myers, I’ve found two awesome takedowns of Satoshi Kanazawa. I’m glad to see other psychologists pointing out his bad science. That’s how science works, y’all 🙂 First, we have a brilliant idea: this blogger downloaded the same … Continue reading

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Board finally acts on David Geier

Hooray! I’m pleased to say that, according to the Baltimore Sun, the Maryland Board of Physicians has charged David Geier with practicing medicine without a license and they’re taking him off the Commission on Autism. (Apparently he’s taken a few … Continue reading

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The CDC wants you to be prepared…for the zombie apocalypse

I love the CDC so much. How much? This much: See? Awesome! This may possibly be the cleverest way to teach about emergency preparedness ever. Somebody at the CDC has a great sense of humor 🙂 Okay, and the CDC … Continue reading

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