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The Journal of Are You [expetive deleted] Kidding

I’ve already forgotten how I found this, but I’m officially in love with The Journal of Are You Fucking Kidding. Their motto: “JAYFK: Bringing you the finest in sarcasm, satire & scientific shit-talkin’.” This journal is for all those times … Continue reading

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After which, thus because of which…or maybe not

Today I’d like to write about something a little more abstract than usual: logical fallacies. If you were on the debate team in high school, you’ve probably studied these extensively, but unfortunately, the rest of us were left to muddle … Continue reading

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Link roundup: The return!

Nuclear power in Japan: A thoughtful and careful explanation of the nuclear reactor-related events in Japan over the past few days, as well as information on reactor design and safety procedures. (H/T to Jill for the link.) Saturday evening rant, … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding: Take a breath, relax, it’s going to be fine

When you’re talking about parenting issues that cause people to become hysterical, breastfeeding is pretty much the number one. Something about the combination of new mothers, tiny babies, weird body image issues, and society’s utter fascination/hatred for breasts causes something … Continue reading

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It’s not either/or when it comes to kids and vegetables

One of the perennial debates in parenting is how to get your kids to eat vegetables. And as usual, people seem to divide into two camps. First, there’s the “sneak ’em in” camp: Puree veggies and add them to foods, … Continue reading

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Say bye-bye to the amniocentesis

Okay, it’s premature (ha, see what I did there?) to bid a not-so-fond farewell to the dreaded amniocentesis or CVS for prenatal diagnosis, but a technical report in Nature Medicine shows a great leap forward for pregnant mommies. Essentially, when … Continue reading

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Blog post roundup

I don’t have the time or energy to make a useful or thoughtful post, so have a bunch of interesting posts by other people instead 🙂 Topical NSAIDs—I’d never even heard of topical NSAIDs until the other day, so I … Continue reading

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