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Repetition doesn’t make things easier

In my continuing mission to annoy certain people, I’d like to discuss the idea that bad things get easier with repetition. Well, really, the idea that once you’ve been through something hard, the next time it shouldn’t be so bad, … Continue reading

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People (including me!) are so sanctimonious about food and healthy eating

There I was on the Washington Post’s health blog, reading about cereal, when I made the mistake of breaking rule #1 of life on the Internet: Never read the comments. You’d think I would know better, right? But noooo, there … Continue reading

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The zoo and science

The weather here in the DC area was so beautiful yesterday that the boy and I spent a few hours at the zoo. That is to say, at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. It may not be the biggest zoo … Continue reading

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Zinc for the common cold? Possibly!

Thanks to a Washington Post snafu, I just wasted about 15 minutes excoriating reporter Rob Stein for writing an inaccurate column. In fact, his column about a new meta-analysis of the use of zinc for the common cold was correct, … Continue reading

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How do you know if you’re incompetent?

Today I thought I’d write about a blast from the past. Well, for me, at least. A few months before friend (and colleague) of the blog Deb and I started at APA, one of APA’s journals published an article titled … Continue reading

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Laughing gas for childbirth?

The Associated Press reports that laughing gas is coming back as an option for childbirth pain relief. If, as this article says, nitrous doesn’t affect the baby, then it sounds like an good idea. If it doesn’t slow down labor, … Continue reading

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Happy Darwin Day!

Hooray! Today is Darwin Day 🙂 I wish I could attend an event, but I have too much work today. However, check out the site for events in your area. I know a bunch of churches and synagogues are doing … Continue reading

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